Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 Challenge Drabble - One

Chris Quinton's Sentences in Bold.

The trouble with maps, Lee decided, was that they lied. Well, hand-drawn ones did, especially if the artist - Harry - couldn't bloody draw!

Lee turned the map on sideways and upside down trying to make heads or tails of it. The big rectangle represented the college and the snake looking thing the road into town. Harry had marked the Laundromat where they worked with an X. Despite the fact Lee knew where the college was in relation to the Laundromat, the damn map still didn’t make any sense.

“I found out where one’s holed up. Meet me here before moonrise and we’ll take it down.” Harry had shoved the map into Lee’s hand on his way out the door. “I got the silver we needed for the bullets. I’m going to miss work, cover for me.”

Lee had been trying to decipher the map ever since. That had been early afternoon, now the sun hung low on the horizon and a quick check of the Moon App on his iPhone let Lee know he didn’t have long before moonrise.

“Dammnit Harry, you know you can’t draw. It’ll serve you right if you get eaten.” Lee crammed the map into his pocket and headed for the door. Map or no, he had to find his lunatic friend, or else Harry was going to die. 


  1. Very Cool! That's great! Now where's the rest of it, hm? LOL!

  2. Ha well, I think you know the answer to that :P

  3. sounds really interesting so far!!

    1. And where are your sentences missy? And you know that's all it's just a drabble lol.